Coronavirus Revealed to Shrink the Brain: Its Effects Are Revealed in the Long Term


Coronavirus: By examining the data of 45,000 people in the United Kingdom, it was determined that the coronavirus caused a shrinkage in the brain. The scientists who evaluated the research state that the results are alarming and that the effects of such a situation can be very frightening. A remarkable study was conducted in the United Kingdom regarding the coronavirus. Examining the brain imaging data of 45 thousand people before the coronavirus pandemic, scientists detected those who had coronavirus among these individuals and applied a new brain imaging procedure. Comparing the new data obtained with the old ones, the experts reached striking results.

As a result of the researches, it was revealed that the COVID-19 disease caused the brain to shrink. So much so that the gray matter in the brains of people who had no problems before they got the disease was thinned out after they got the disease. The thinning that manifests itself more in the frontal lobe and temporal lobe has begun to worry the scientific community. The experts announced that more explanations will be made once the research they submitted to the referee committees is approved.


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