Coronavirus: restorers ready to install plexiglass walls?


One question burns everyone’s lips. How to get out of confinement? The restaurants are worried about their reopening. So start-ups are trying to find ideas to open despite the coronavirus.

The ideas may seem strange and yet they could really happen in our restaurants. The Italian start-up Nuova Neon Group 2 had an idea: the plexiglass.

In fact, in photos that the group disseminates, we can see tables in restaurants separated by a plexiglass window. The goal: not to contaminate your neighbor and not to take risks.

The start-up even imagines Italian beaches this summer. To fight against the coronavirus we can see on the plans cabins surrounded by plexiglass so that Italians can go to the beach without danger.

So it’s true that when we see these photos we could think of a joke and yet. In France the beginning of deconfinement should start on May 11.

But Emmanuel Macron did not say a reopening date for French restaurants. Restaurateurs are concerned that they will not be able to open in time for the summer season.

In China, in canteens this plexiglass wall method is already in place. Likewise, in Chinese restaurants it is impossible to be more than three at the same table.

Restaurants also face a major problem: the distrust of the population. Some Chinese establishments even post the temperature of their employees to reassure them.

In short, we do not yet know how the situation will develop in France but measures will have to be taken so as not to have to deal with a second wave.

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In a few months we could see plexiglass walls popping up in our restaurants. Case to follow.


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