Coronavirus: reaches almost 70% with the second dose


The day after receiving authorization for emergency use in Brazil, CoronaVac had other information revealed by Sinovac – a Chinese private laboratory responsible for creating the immunizer against the coronavirus.

According to data from the clinical study conducted in Brazil and revealed by the laboratory, the vaccine was up to 20% more effective in a small subset of volunteers who had the second dose applied with a longer interval for the first.

In the case of 1,394 volunteers who had a three-week difference between doses – CoronaVac or placebo -, the effectiveness was 70%. That is, for every 10 people who receive the immunizer, seven will not have the disease, while the other three will be asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms.

It is worth remembering that, according to data revealed by the Butantan Institute last week, with an interval of 14 days, the overall effectiveness was 50.4%. In the prevention of mild cases, the number was 78%. When considering moderate, severe cases and even deaths, there was 100% efficiency – that is, if any vaccinee contracts the disease, they will not be hospitalized or die.

The trend is that, in Brazil, the interval between the two applications is 28 days, that is, a period that proves to be more effective. In addition to our country, other nations such as Turkey and Indonesia have also granted CoronaVac emergency use.

What is your assessment of the greater effectiveness of CoronaVac with the second dose after three weeks? Leave your opinion in the comments below.


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