Coronavirus Precaution For Children From Facebook


Following the report released by the FDA, Facebook announced that it will address misinformation about coronavirus for children.


Introducing its new company, Meta, in the event it held in the past days, Facebook came up with a radical change to the users. It has been announced that Facebook will initiate a study especially to prevent children from being exposed to misinformation about the coronavirus.

Introducing the virtual world called Metaverse, Facebook underlined that users will experience a new internet experience. However, the company, which has very strict rules on coronavirus, will come up with new measures to protect users.

Facebook will protect kids from misinformation about coronavirus

The effects of the coronavirus, which deeply affected the world in 2020, still continue. Vaccines, which emerged after extensive measures in many countries, do not yet offer a complete solution, although they slow down the spread.

Despite the measures taken, anti-vaccine opposition, which is one of the biggest causes of increasing coronavirus cases, continues to spread rapidly all over the world. Social media platforms, which are working to prevent statements containing misinformation, stated that they will carefully address the issue so that children are not affected by misinformation.

Facebook has started working to prevent children from being exposed to misinformation about coronavirus and coronavirus vaccine.

In the report published by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), it was announced that children between the ages of 5 and 11 were authorized for emergency use for the Pfizer vaccine. Following the published report, Facebook will publish text on users’ news feeds explaining that coronavirus vaccines for children have also been approved for children and how children can be vaccinated.

False claims that vaccines are untested, unsafe, or ineffective for children have been added to the list of misinformation about COVID that Facebook will remove from the site.

Although Facebook has announced that it will establish strict rules on misinformation, the world press is still concerned about the leaked documents. According to the documents revealed by Frances Haugen, the company has worked to prevent the psychological damage it has caused especially to young people and children.

Some analysts underlined that the company has not carried out a special study so far to prevent children from being misinformed. Considering that we have been in the pandemic process for more than a year, many users describe the company’s statement as a disgrace.