Coronavirus: Pokémon GO brings 100 Poké Balls for 1 coin and more promotions


Pokémon GO has had new changes to adapt to the isolation period caused by the quarantine of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). From this Monday (23), the game will offer packages of weekly promotional items for just one coin, starting with a pack of 100 Poké Balls this week, in addition to other bonuses. According to producer Niantic, these measures will remain in force indefinitely until the contrary is announced.

Remember that the game is available for free download on Android and iOS phones (iPhone). Previously, the title had already postponed events (Community Day) and offered discounts on items that allow you to play without going far from home.

The package of 100 Poké Balls for one coin is limited to one purchase per person, as is the pack of 30 incense sticks with a 99% discount previously offered. After purchasing the promotional pack, it disappears from your Pokémon GO store.

Niantic also announced that during the quarantine period, players receive triple Stardust and Experience for daily Pokémon capture. The number of gifts that can be opened per day has also been changed to 30 and it will be possible to load up to 20 gifts in your inventory.

Pokémon GO has made a series of changes to remain playable in those times when the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends isolation to avoid crowds. Until April 13, Battle League Go mode removed the need to walk to unlock battle series, and until May 1, players can fight each other online as long as they have the most basic “Beautiful Friendship” level. Previously, it was necessary to have an “Ultra friendship” or “Friendship without equal” to battle at a distance.

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