Coronavirus Measure in Indonesia: ‘Ghosted Deterrence Prevention’


In the town of Kepuh, on the island of Java, Indonesia, a “ghost deterrent measure” has been implemented to prevent the people from going out on the streets within the scope of coronavirus measures.

According to press reports in Indonesia, the ghosted deterrence measure, which is wrapped in a shrouded white cover and painted in white, was implemented in collaboration with the police by volunteers and town officials.

This practice, which is thought to be different and dissuasive, has been put into practice in order to decrease the frequency of public curfew and to maintain social distance. While the “ghost deterrent measure”, which attracted great interest in social media, was met with great interest, it was commented that it did not show the expected effect but reminded the measures taken. The fact that children and families with children did not go out onto the streets after the application started, was included in the news in the national press.

In Indonesia, because of the curfew due to the coronavirus, people are called to maintain social distance and to pay attention to hygiene.

Until this time, 4 thousand 557 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in the country, while 339 people died in the epidemic.


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