Coronavirus May Also Harm Patients Without Symptoms


According to the researchers, although there are currently no symptoms, there are many patients with coronavirus in their body. According to recent studies, it has been discovered that coronavirus can harm even these patients, albeit minor.

There are many reasons behind the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic. While the attitude of people who do not care enough about the virus plays a leading role in this regard, the structure and symptoms of COVID-19 draw attention as an important factor. According to the studies, although many people have COVID-19 in their body, it continues to spread the disease to other people because it does not show any symptoms.

The World Health Organization made a statement about patients who did not show any symptoms even though they caught coronavirus. According to this statement, although patients are asymptomatic, it continues to spread viruses to other people. According to the researches, it was discovered that the virus, which has caught COVID-19 but has no indication of infection, continues to reproduce the virus in the body and that these patients have a slight damage to the immune system.

Researchers who published a statement in Wuhan, the starting point of the outbreak, explained that the virus damages the immune system less in asymptomatic infections. Researchers who said that my asymptomatic patients showed less liver injuries and faster lung healing than symptomatics, however, reported that the virus also increased to a certain extent and caused harm in asymptomatic patients.

Asymptomatic patients, which are thought to be very high especially in regions where the number of cases is on the rise, also plays a key role in the transportation of the virus to people.

What should we do?

Actually, the precaution is very clear. To follow social distance and pay attention to personal hygiene. We have to admit that we can all be COVID-19 carriers. Maybe our immune system may be able to cope with this disease, but we can carry this virus to people we love without realizing it. For this reason, we will not go out unless we have to, and we must take every precaution when we go out. One of these measures is the use of personal distances and masks.