Coronavirus: Malaria treatment effective against COVID-19


While the vaccines developed to fight the coronavirus follow an accelerated pace with an immunization arriving from Russia to Brazil, researchers may have found a way to combat the effects of COVID-19 on the human body using the newest treatment to fight malaria, understand how it may be possible.

The research done by RMIT University of Australia was published in the journal Nature Communications where it says that the parasite that causes malaria is highly dependent on the red blood cell enzymes, the red blood cells in our blood, where they proliferate and hide in protein kinases. According to the team of responsible scientists, they can be fought with cancer drugs that deactivate these enzymes.

According to the scientists, this approach prevents the parasite from developing resistance to the drug, which can also be effective against other pathogens such as the hepatitis C virus with good prospects of using it in the treatment for coronavirus and even hepatitis B.

To speed up this study, the Australian government is funding research with the hope of finding a more efficient way to treat those infected with coronavirus and other diseases that can be combated using the same drug, as there is still no definitive remedy to treat the disease. .

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