Coronavirus Makes Earth a Quieter Place


The coronavirus pandemic closed the vast majority of people to their homes. Factors such as people not going out and using their cars and factories not working seem to make the world quieter.

Although the constant bad effects of the coronavirus pandemic are brought up, some good things can happen when we look at the world. A large part of the air pollution has disappeared, especially when the world needs it most. The world is now entrusted to nature after people have been in their homes for a long time. There is another event that may be directly proportional to the reduction of air pollution: The virus has made the Earth a quieter place.

According to a report by researchers, there was a significant reduction in the amount of vibration on the Earth’s surface after the coronavirus epidemic. Normally there is seismic noise in the world. Vehicle use, construction works, factories … In short, every human movement that could shake the earth’s floor emits seismic noise. The Covid-19 pandemic helps cut noise significantly.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a huge epidemic, which has its effect all over the world. For this reason, while many countries impose curfew, in countries that do not implement this prohibition, a call is made to stay at home. The planet has been quieter than it has been for a long time now, as most of the people on the planet follow this rule.

Stephen Hicks, who sees seismologist at Impreial College London, explained that according to the data measured by the seismometer, Covid-19 reduced the vibration of the Earth. Especially the fact that the traffic density has dropped significantly across the world is shown as the biggest reason for this silence.

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Many countries, especially those in which the epidemic has taken too many lives, are planning to continue the curfew for at least 1 more month. When you prepare to sleep during this process, you can remember that the Earth you live in is much quieter.


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