Coronavirus: Kylian Mbappé encourages his fans to stay at home!


Kylian Mbappé stays at home, but he lives it well! To stop the coronavirus epidemic, the PSG player asks his fans to stop going out. All means are good to stop the Covid-19!

Two weeks ago, Mbappé was a happy player. PSG qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, it seems to be well on its way to winning the championship and the French cups …

But the coronavirus stops everything. More matches, more goals: Kylian Mbappé stops on the way up. He won’t play the Euro this summer either, because the competition will be played next summer.

His career stopped, the PSG player therefore remains at home. And he’s asking his fans to do the same. The French striker no longer wants to see anyone outside. He published a photo with his brother and the watchword “#restezzzzous”.

“Let’s share the same ambition: protect others”, adds Kylian Mbappé in legend. His goal ? “Let the world become the field of all our games. ”

Kylian Mbappé misses the ground. But not enough to put yourself in danger. It therefore respects the safety instructions. And to find the grounds as quickly as possible, he asks his fans to do the same.

The coronavirus continues to make French people sick. Thus, to avoid giving the virus, two weeks of minimum confinement were imposed … but the French do not respect them.

Videos and photos show people in the markets, on the streets … and that poses a real problem: the coronavirus continues to rotate. Kylian Mbappé therefore uses his influence to block the virus.

And the sooner the virus will be blocked, the faster it will be able to regain the field… while PSG aims for victory in the Champions League, Mbappé therefore hopes to quickly put on his crampons!


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