Coronavirus: John McAfee pretended to be arrested


It was just a story to appear: John McAfee was not arrested for wearing lace panties as a mask, as he reported on his Twitter earlier this week.

The owner of the antivirus program of the same name was already being challenged for its history for some lapses in its reports on the social network, and because simply no authority from Denmark, Norway or Germany was able to confirm the possible event.

John pointed out that in the photo he posted, the police officer at the airport appeared in a uniform that said “polizei”, which is police in German. He took the opportunity to criticize the media coverage, saying that if they had paid attention to this detail, they would contest his story, since the arrest would have taken place in Norway.

In any case, the billionaire’s joke was not very timely, in times when information can save lives. McAfee has already made statements saying masks are ineffective for the problem, and wearing panties on his face would have been critical of that, even though he never came up with sources for it.

Currently, the World Health Organization recommends the use of masks with up to three protective layers. The chances of contagion drop dramatically if two people, who eventually cross paths, are using one.

Remember, Russia already has the first product safe to use against Covid-19. The effectiveness of the Putin vaccine is contested by the WHO, which says that the available data on its development are not transparent enough.

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Covid-19: John McAfee arrested after disregarding sanitary protocols using panties as a mask

Not only did Elon Musk build his image around his empire in the world of technology and controversy: John McAfee was already doing this before him, and came back to the fore after disregarding health protocols in Norway.

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The billionaire, who had declared that he would run for president of the United States and has already been poisoned by unknown enemies, has now decided to lend himself to the role of wearing … panties as a mask.

He was returning from a trip to Catalonia where he lives, Germany. However, passing through an airport in Norway, he was approached by health agents who asked him to change his “mask” for one that fits the security protocols. Remember that currently WHO recommends masks with up to three protective layers. He wore lace panties on his face.

Faced with the billionaire’s refusal, the agents insisted, and then what is known is the version told by McAfee, who used his Twitter to report that he was arrested, and even got a black eye.

The owner of the antivirus of the same name, however, had already used his social networks to make statements that go against all health protocols. John has already claimed that wearing a mask is useless because “the new coronavirus is twice the size of a bacterium” (“information” he gave without giving away sources at the time).

John’s wife even commented in a good-humored way (the tranquility that only billions of dollars could provide) that her husband would get out of prison quickly, be he on the run, bribe someone, or pay a good lawyer.

Disconcerting episodes aside, each week we see new positive prospects for the end of the pandemic, with vaccine test results showing really promising results. Russia even claims to have the world’s first ready for use, but WHO and other health organizations are questioning the black box involving research and follow-up data on Putin’s possible solution.


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