Coronavirus: Israeli inventors create “Pac-Man” mask that allows eating in public during pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to create ways to protect themselves through tests that we have already talked about recently. Some of them involving smart portable breathalyzers that can identify the virus in less than 1 minute. Today we have news of a special mask that allows feeding with protection from COVI-19.

The mask was created by Israeli inventors and has an opening that simulates a mouth similar to the character of Pac-Man, from video games. This “mouth” can be controlled remotely, so people don’t have to remove the attachment to eat. According to the company responsible for the invention, the patent process has already started and the idea is to manufacture more of them soon.

The user himself can open and close the mask by pressing a lever, then the opening appears, allowing solid foods to be eaten with ease. However, eating something with sauce or more liquid, such as soup, can be more difficult when using the accessory.

Avtipus Patents and Inventions Vice President Asaf Gitelis explained that there is an even more innovative mechanism in the project:

“The mask can be opened mechanically by a remote control or automatically, when the fork approaches the mouth. So you can eat, enjoy, drink and when you take the fork out, the hole closes, so you are protected against the virus so like the people around. ”

The expectation is that Pac-Man masks start to be manufactured in the coming months and are only between 0.85 and 2.85 dollars more expensive than the simplest masks that are already sold in Israel. In any case, the intention is to facilitate the return to normal activities for people.


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