Coronavirus: iPhone factories in India are closed


On Tuesday (24), manufacturers of iPhone components in India announced the closure of their facilities in the country. The measure is part of the fight against the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and follows a determination by the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi.

One of those affected by the measure is Foxconn, which suspended operations at the factory until at least April 14 – a window that can be expanded in the event of a worsening pandemic in the country or by new government regulations. Wistron, which also produces under contract with Apple, also confirmed the stoppage, without defining a specific period.

Both companies are some of the largest electronics producers in the world, with several industry giants as partners in ordering. The pause, even for a few weeks, can affect inventory and perhaps even the launch of some devices. The iPhone 9, for example, which has not yet been officially announced and is expected to be a low-cost version of the company’s cell phone line, would be in a critical phase of mass production of new units this month.

Hope for improvement
According to Bloomberg, Wistron believes that forced isolation in countries like India and Malaysia will be “short-term”, without affecting the supply of appliances to brands on a large scale.

It is worth remembering that Apple does not have a large market share in India and neighboring countries, with high import tariffs and no chance against cheaper competitors, such as Xiaomi. However, the region is highly targeted for the installation of factories by partner companies.


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