Coronavirus: Google Doodle encourages staying at home and saving lives


To combat the transmission of the new Coronavirus, Google’s Doodle in Brazil shows, this Sunday (5), a message that reinforces the measures of social isolation. When clicking on the temporary Google logo, the user is directed to a page with various reliable information about COVID-19. An Alert menu shows options for symptoms, prevention, treatments and statistics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the infectious disease that has already affected several countries can be combated with a few simple measures. Among them, wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact with other people. “Stay home. Save lives,” says today’s Doodle information page.

“The main form of contagion is contact with an infected person, who transmits the virus through coughing and sneezing,” shows the Google results page. Another form of spread is to have contact with a contaminated surface and then touch the eyes, nose or mouth. The image on the Google homepage shows a letter of the logo in each house, doing daily activities during quarantine.

Social isolation is the main measure to slow the spread of the disease, according to the WHO. By staying at home, maintaining the basic hygiene routine, people contribute to slower contamination. Precaution avoids the collapse of the health system, which is unable to attend all patients with respiratory syndrome at the same time.

According to the Ministry of Health, other measures are important to combat COVID-19:

Wash your hands with soap and water or use gel alcohol;
Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing;
Avoid crowding if you are ill;
Keep the rooms well ventilated; and
Do not share personal items.
What is the coronavirus?
The new coronavirus was discovered in December 2019, when cases were reported in China. Since then, the disease has spread to several countries, and was considered a Pandemic on March 11. The virus has already infected more than 1 million people and caused more than 50,000 deaths, according to the latest WHO statement. The main symptoms are: flu-like breathing problems, as well as cough, fever. In the most severe cases, breathing is difficult and hospitalization is required.


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