Coronavirus: a global shortage of condoms is looming


The coronavirus turns our life and our habits upside down. After the masks and the frost, there may be a shortage of condoms!

The coronavirus hinders many aspects of our life. After the shortage of toilet paper, masks and gel, a shortage of condoms is looming . And this, on a global scale.

As we experience an episode of coronavirus , some commodities are becoming scarce . In addition to hand gel, masks or toilet paper, condoms could soon be victims of their success!

Indeed, this is what a large condom factory in Malaysia, Karex Berhad, fears. Since the end of March, it has had to stop its activities because of the coronavirus .

Yes, only 50% of the staff run the factories , especially since the country has closed several of its borders. Activity is therefore very slow there.

As for deliveries, they are only around 50 to 60% . Far too little…

According to the CEO of Karex, it is obvious: ” the world will certainly know a shortage of condoms,” he told AFP. The latter also indicates a loss of 200 million condoms.

All this, therefore, because of the coronavirus . ” It’s a challenge, but we are doing our best right now to do everything we can,” he says.

Yes, if the coronavirus pandemic worries us , “we must also address other serious problems , ” said the CEO of Karex.

If the shortage is effective, we could even be dealing with increased unwanted pregnancies . Especially since the condom also protects many STIs.

To overcome this, the condom industry must therefore work twice as hard . In China, several factories are already mobilizing.

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The HBM group proposes, for example, to triple its production by the end of 2020 . It remains to be seen whether we will indeed experience an episode of condom shortage…


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