“Coronavirus”: Di Tella talked about the alleged case in Cipolletti


After it transpired that a traffic inspector was isolated.

After the news spread that a Cipolletti traffic inspector was isolated with flu-like symptoms that could be a coronavirus, the mayor, Claudio Di Tella denied that the protocol was activated.

In a dialogue with Lu5, the president expressed his anger regarding the irresponsibility with which the case was discussed, on a subject as sensitive as health, since information was said without corroborating it with the Cipolletti hospital.

As for the alleged patient infected with coronavirus, Di Tella said she is a girl who consulted for a respiratory condition but is not hospitalized.

The president said that an official statement is already circulating where this information is denied because it is very important not to worry the population of Cipoleña with false information.

In addition, the mayor stressed to stop believing that any picture with fever and sore throat is coronavirus.

On the other hand he rescued that there is an epidemiology, in this disease that has to do with European countries. So as there is no case of Coronavirus itself in Argentina, it is not necessary to alarm people so much.

In any case, the Río Negro town is alarmed after it was known that in Viedma a 32-year-old teacher suffers from this disease.