Coronavirus Detected in Sewage Waters of the Netherlands

The Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and Environment conducted an important research in sewage waters. As a result of their research, experts determined that coronavirus infects sewage waters.

The coronavirus, which emerged in Wuhan, China and spread to almost the whole world in a short time, has become one of the biggest crises in human history. This virus, which caused a disease called COVID-19, has cost the lives of 21,313 people to date. Now in the Netherlands, a European country, there has been an alarming development with this virus.

Scientists who have been working within the Netherlands National Public Health and Environment Institute have done a remarkable study in the past years. In this study, sewage waters in certain regions were examined and it was investigated whether specific viruses were found in these sewage waters that could cause any infection. Repeating this work for coronavirus, scientists encountered the reality they were afraid of.

Treatment of sewage waters will now be a part of the fight against coronavirus
The Netherlands sacrificed 356 citizens to the coronavirus. In addition, there are 6,412 confirmed cases across the country, and unfortunately only 3 of these cases managed to get rid of coronavirus. Research by experts in sewage waters reveals that the problem in the country can get worse. Because research shows that the coronavirus has spread to sewage waters.

The first symptoms of COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus; itching in the throat and high fever. These symptoms are replaced by shortness of breath within a few days and worsen patients’ condition. Scientists have also found that coronavirus can cause digestive problems and can be transmitted through feces. These explanations allow us to understand why detecting coronavirus in sewage water is a frightening situation.

Scientists’ detection of coronavirus in sewage waters is an indication that the fight against coronavirus may become more difficult. Because sewers are connected to the treatment systems, it is difficult for all countries to successfully carry out this treatment and clean their water. In addition, this may lead to the transmission of coronavirus in sewers to some animals.



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