The coronavirus decision from Google! All offices are closed


The world is on the alert for the coronavirus that has emerged in Wuhan, China, where 170 people have died so far. Companies are also making various decisions for the virus without treatment. Finally, Google came up with the coronavirus decision. Google made a temporary decision for its offices in China.

Google closes all offices due to coronavirus
Google temporarily stopped activities at all its offices in China due to coronavirus. The announcement regarding the temporary closure of the offices came from the Google spokesperson. The reason for the decision is, of course, the speed at which the virus spreads. The United States government also has advice on this issue. The spokesperson stated that this recommendation was also effective in the decision.

Google has 4 offices in China. There are also offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. These offices are also temporarily closed. It was also said that employees and their relatives in China should return home in a short time.

There is a New Year holiday period in China at the moment. According to the statement, the offices will remain closed after this holiday. Technology giant has put restrictions on its employees for business travel. He also asked employees who recently traveled to return 14 days later. As you know, the incubation period of the virus varies between 1-14 days.

The company also announced that it is supporting aid efforts in China and has sent a grant of $ 250,000 to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


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