The Coronavirus Continues to Spread: The Number of Dead Exceeds 13,000


The number of deaths from coronavirus, which brought life to a halt by affecting the whole world, exceeded 13,000. While many measures are taken worldwide, let’s take a look at the developments taking place today.

The coronavirus, which emerged as a mysterious disease in Wuhan city of China and spread to a wide audience at a time, caused China to take serious measures in a short time. The virus started to show its effects in many countries around the world, not only with China.

With the virus becoming more and more harmful, the World Health Organization had declared a coronavirus pandemic to increase measures. Today, almost every sector in the world is negatively affected by the coronavirus, and people continue to take their precautions by closing their homes.

The death toll has exceeded 13,000:
The coronavirus, which is also seen in our country and has experienced a serious increase in the number of cases in recent days, continues to spread around the world today. The virus has spread to 308,547 people worldwide and has cost 13,069 lives, according to the data released so far.

The country that the coronavirus affected the most was Italy, which also passed China recently. Only data released yesterday in Italy was 4,825, increasing the number of deaths from coronavirus by 19 percent. The number of current cases in Italy has increased to 53,578. After the events, many meetings were held between the governments.

What’s going on in the world?

The Russian army will go to Italy:
After all the developments in Italy, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a phone call yesterday. The Kremlin said in a statement that Putin promised to support Conte.

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that 8 mobile medical vehicles and special disinfection vehicles of military aircraft will be sent to the region today. A total of 306 coronavirus cases have been seen in Russia, which went to aid Italy. The vast majority of cases in Russia occurred in the capital Moscow, and there has been only one death in the country so far.

Serious measures were taken in Indonesia:
In Indonesia, where the number of cases whose coronavirus was detected increased to 450 and the number of deaths to 38, all public events and social events to be attended by the crowds were canceled. Police announced that even those who go out to meet their basic needs will be treated.

China has not detected any cases again:
No incidents have been encountered in China’s Hubei province, which is the source of the epidemic. Thus, China has not announced any cases for four consecutive days. New measures continued to take place, even though the cases ended in China. It has been decided to land all international aircraft arriving in the capital Beijing, to the airport in 12 designated cities and to conduct a coronavirus test for passengers.


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