Coronavirus: China reveals Covid-19 vaccine tested on humans with promising results


The race to find a cure against the new coronavirus – which already has Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom – won another chapter last Friday (22). A study published in The Lancet magazine shows a vaccine created by China, already tested on humans, which has promising and safe results.

The research consists of the first phase of creation, carried out in partnership by the Beijing Biotechnology Institute and the company CanSino Biologics. The experiments were carried out on 108 volunteers, but no immune response has yet been evaluated.

This vaccine uses an attenuated version of SARS-CoV-2, with intramuscular application. No adverse reactions were noted over 28 days. Only one participant in the high-dose group developed high fever, fatigue, decreased breathing and muscle pain, but the effects subsided after 48 hours.

According to Wei Chen, professor at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, the results obtained so far show that only one dose can generate specific antibodies in 14 days.

 “These results represent an important milestone. Tests show that a single dose produces specific antibodies in 14 days, making it a candidate for future research. The challenges posed by Covid-19 are unprecedented, and the ability to activate the immune system does not necessarily mean that we are protected from Covid-19. We are still far from having this solution available to everyone. ”

Wei Chen
Professor at the Beijing Biotechnology Institute

Second level
Since April, scientists have carried out a second phase of the vaccine, with 500 patients. The intention of this new stage is to establish what is the most appropriate dose to generate an immune response with protection against SARS-CoV-2.

Do you believe that China will be able to be the first country in the world to create a fully effective vaccine against Covid-19? Tell us your opinion in the space below.


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