Coronavirus: cell phones could become ‘essential goods’ in India


The new coronavirus pandemic has pushed India into a forced policy of isolating and blocking commercial activities for 21 days, but manufacturers and associations linked to the smartphone industry are not happy with the decision.

According to The Economic Times, manufacturers with high participation in the local market, such as Xiaomi and Realme, asked the government to classify mobile devices as “essential commodities” during the period – that is, to release the production and commercialization of these products. normally during quarantine. This is currently restricted to food, other personal items and medical supplies.

The order was placed on behalf of the Information Technology Association (MAIT) and the Cellular and Electronics Association of India (ICEA). He claims that smartphones and other electronic devices should have their restrictions removed because they are “today’s most essential products after the food and supplies everyone needs”. In addition, the entities claim that the devices help to reduce social distance and are the form of access to various services.

Mandatory block
Instituted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the blockade in Indian territory to prevent further infections by covid-19 would have already affected the manufacture of these devices.

In addition to the manufacturers’ request, companies that own virtual stores also requested that online marketing and delivery of accessories, such as batteries, chargers and routers be released during the pandemic. For the time being, the Indian government has not yet made a decision.

In Brazil, virtual commerce and online deliveries are normally allowed, with transport companies and the consumer being responsible for any care with the hygiene of products. In Europe, a company even started testing drone deliveries earlier than anticipated as an alternative.

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