Coronavirus causes torrents downloads to increase worldwide


The new coronavirus pandemic has quarantined many people inside their homes. With greater access to the internet, one of the options for spending time is consuming online content. But in addition to traditional streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, the number of torrent downloads has also grown a lot in recent weeks.

According to data collected by I Know What You Download, in Italy, the first country to suffer intensely from the impacts of covid-19 in Europe, the number of downloads rose from 592 thousand to 810 thousand between the months of January and March. In the same period, the registered IP numbers went from 213 thousand to 304 thousand.

TorrentFreak recently released a report alleging that in Italy, which has several local websites for downloading torrents, has been showing an increasing number of hits. According to the publication, “Searches for popular local sites like Guardaserie, Filmpertutti, Altadefinizione, CB01 and Eurostreaming, have soared in recent days in Italy. All of these are among the top pirate sites in the country, where local pirate sites often outshine international ones, ”reported TorrentFreak.

As the new coronavirus reached other countries, similar variations could also be observed. Spain, the second European country most affected by the disease, showed a variation similar to that seen in Italy. The same could be seen in France, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

Meanwhile, streaming services are also having to deal with increased consumption by subscribers. Netflix, for example, had to decrease the quality of content in several countries, including Brazil. In March, the platform registered instability in the country.


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