Coronavirus: Cardi B and DJ iMarkkeyz will give all the royalties!


The song “Coronavirus” by DJ iMarkkeyz and Cardi B is in the top 10 most popular music on Apple Music. To help people in need, the singer wants to give all her royalties.

It is impossible that you have not already seen the video of Cardi B. You know the one in which she is panicking about the epidemic of the Coronavirus! Yes, the young woman wanted to share her fears with her fans.

But without wanting to, his anxiety made the buzz! The reason ? An artist, DJ iMarkkeyz, has taken up the screams in the video to make a new song. Besides, this one is called “Coronavirus”.

And the least we can say is that it is a hit! So much so that it is in the top 10 most listened to music on Apple Music. But that’s not all ! “Coronavirus” is 1st of the iTunes ranking in Egypt.

Besides, the Cardi B piece is also at the top of the ranking in Brazil. According to information from the BBC News, it is in 8th place in the US charts.

Thus, the queen of rap and Dj iMarkkeyz have agreed on the rights that this music will generate. But in view of the current situation, the two singers make a decision. And it must be said that they have their hearts on their hands!

She could never have expected such a result! Indeed, Cardi B simply wanted to confide in his fans. Finally, it finds itself at the head of trends. And she’s going to make money without moving a finger.

At first, the American rapper prefers to laugh! Or even pocket the money. Indeed, the young woman joked on social networks that she wanted her share of income. Finally, she quickly changes her mind!

Yes, Cardi B does not want to touch a single cent thanks to the music “Coronavirus”. With the agreement of DJ iMarkkeyz, she decides to donate this money to people in need. And the announcement on Twitter!

“Keep in mind that you will not receive your money right away … But even in months, there will be families who will be in financial trouble because of layoffs linked to the virus. We will make a donation! “She declares.


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