Coronavirus Can Be Reactivated In Treated Patients

According to South Korean experts, coronavirus can reappear in healing patients. In treated patients, the virus can be seen again, even though they are not infected.

According to the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronavirus can be reactivated from the treated patients. The agency said on Monday that the tests of nearly 51 patients who were thought to have improved in South Korea were positive again.

Patients with coronavirus are considered to be completely cured if negative after two tests performed at 24-hour intervals after treatment. Korea CDC general manager Jeong Eun-kyeong said that patients who had positive tests shortly after quitting the quarantine were not infected again, and that the coronavirus might have been reactivated in these people.

Experts focus on the possibility of re-activating the virus
“While we are putting more emphasis on the possibility of re-activating the virus, we are conducting a comprehensive study on it. There were many cases where patients gave negative test one day and positive test the other day,” Jeong explained. used expressions. Jeong added that the Korean CDC will conduct an epidemiological investigation on the cases.

South Korea was one of the first countries to be greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak. However, launching one of the largest test programs in the world and adopting a technology-oriented approach to monitor infections, South Korea is able to fight disease without the need for a quarantine process. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News, South Korea reported a total of 10,384 cases and 6,776 recovered patients on Wednesday.

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