Coronavirus, Can Be Transmitted To Someone Else With Fart?

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Studies on the transmission routes of coronavirus show that the virus is transmitted through particles in the air. The health editor of ABC channel of Australia posed an interesting question based on the coronavirus transmission patterns: Coronavirus can be transmitted by extracting gas?

The health editor of Australia’s national channel ABC, Norman Swan posed an interesting question about the coronavirus. Swan brought up whether the coronavirus could be transmitted by extracting gas during a program in ABC.

It is among the known ways of transmission of the virus that coronavirus is transmitted by airborne particles. Could the coronavirus really be transmitted by extracting gas, as Swan suspects? Let’s take a closer look at scientific studies on the ways of coronavirus propagation and gas extraction.

Is there a relationship between the coronavirus and the excretory system?
Journalist Bruce Y. Lee from Forbes says that the SARS-CoV-2 that causes coronavirus disease is not an acute respiratory virus, but an intestinal or excretory system virus. Studies show that people infected with coronavirus have reached virus particles in their stool samples. There are also findings beyond the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in stool samples. Among the symptoms of coronavirus is diarrhea.

Could the coronavirus particles known to be related to excretion get into the air through gas removal? To do this, first of all, it is necessary to see if bacteria or viruses get into the air by removing gas.

Can removing gas carry bacteria or viruses?
A 2001 study looked at whether bacteria and viruses interfere with gas extraction. In the study, the researchers demanded that a person wearing pants fart in a petri dish, and then a person who has not worn anything to fart in a petri dish.

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In the study, it turned out that farting with trousers makes a difference according to the situation where gas is removed without wearing anything. When gas was removed from the petri dish by wearing trousers, no bacteria or viruses were found in the petri dish. However, when the participant farted to the petri dish naked, bacteria and virus were detected in the petri dish.

However, while certain viruses are released into the air by extracting gas, the rest may not be thrown out. In addition, there is no study yet on how far viruses can go with gas extraction and how long viruses are released from the body by extracting gas.

Clothing acts as a natural mask against gas release
If we come to the conclusion; Even if the SARS-CoV-2 gets into the air by extracting gas, as the above research reveals, trousers, clothes and underwear act as a mask against viruses that will be released by gas. At the same time, it is not directly the same thing, even if it causes gas to escape from the body, such as gas extraction, coughing. When we cough, we scatter lots of micro water droplets into the air. When we fart, there is no such thing.


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