Coronavirus: Apple reserves a surprise for confined employees


So in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, Apple confined several of its employees to China. To support them, the CEO sent them a package.

Apple also has to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus . To do this, the brand confined some of its employees to their homes. Then, to support them, the CEO made them deliver a few gifts.

The coronavirus has exceeded 3000 cases in France. In the provinces of Wenzhou and Hubei, Apple therefore had to confine its employees. Faced with this, the brand wanted to support its employees in China as it should.

It is for this reason that the boss of Apple has delivered several packages to these people who stayed at home . They therefore contain several gifts, offered by the brand.

It must be said that the coronavirus alarm . On the Chinese social network Weibo, some Apple employees have posted photos of their package . Suffice to say that the firm was rather generous with them.

The package was therefore addressed with a small note addressed to the employees. “Hubei and the city of Wuhan were the hardest hit by the coronavirus epidemic, which claimed the lives of 2,835 people in China. We send you our best wishes on behalf of the entire Apple team. As well as a “Care Kit ‘ for you and your families” .

They also contained several small gifts, such as chocolates, Danish cakes, tea, but also basic necessities. Thus, the employees concerned received masks, disinfectant gel, wipes or even a thermometer. And big surprise, the packages also contained iPads! Because yes, the coronavirus does not detract from the corporate side of the brand.

However, the boss of Apple remains optimistic. Last week, Tim Cook said about the coronavirus : “I feel like China has the [virus] under control now . I mean, look at the numbers, they are decreasing day by day. And so, I am very optimistic ” . However, in France, 3 deaths have been announced, 191 cases declared. However, the virus is deadly especially for people over the age of 60.


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