How Coronavirus Appear in Children with Symptoms Explained


Appearing in Wuhan, China, and spreading all over the world, thousands of people are killed, and the coronavirus poses a life-threatening risk for the elderly and those with chronic diseases. A doctor made important statements regarding the condition of the children, at a time when warnings were made about the elderly.

Pediatrician and TV presenter Yevgeniy Komarovskiy made explanations about how the coronavirus appeared in children and how to detect the infection. Komarovskiy said in a statement on his social media account Instagram that the children easily overcome the coronavirus infection.

Symptoms of coronavirus in children:
How the coronavirus manifests itself in children is also among the question marks. Pointing to this situation, Komarovskiy noted that coronavirus resembles diseases of acute respiratory viral infections in children.

Referring to the symptoms of the outbreak in children, the doctor noted that vomiting and diarrhea are the main symptoms in children infected with coronavirus. Emphasizing that it takes a long time to excrete the causative agent of the disease through feces, Komarovskiy said, “Symptoms such as changes in frequency or rhythm of breathing in children, problems with stool should be carefully monitored.” he spoke.

The effect of coronavirus news on children:
Komarovskiy added that almost all of the recent child deaths are linked to serious pathologies that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. On the other hand, coronavirus contents on social media are also dangerous for children. Emphasizing the need to reduce the exposure of children to coronavirus-related news at home, experts point out that children exposed to false posts may be affected mentally.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Mental Health and Diseases, Assoc. Dr. Emel Sarı Gökten, “Children under the age of 6 are children whose fantasy world is very wide. They may have unrealistic thoughts and dreams about the virus. They think what a virus is like, how it harms or kills people, just like a huge, ugly beast in their minds.” they can imagine with images like eating and breaking. ” said.


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