CoronaVac shows 78% efficiency in tests in Brazil


This Thursday (7), the government of São Paulo released the awaited result of the tests of CoronaVac, an immunizer produced by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac in partnership with the Butantan Institute. According to official information, the vaccine was 78% effective against the new coronavirus in the clinical trial conducted in Brazil.

This percentage of 78% protection refers to covid-19 mild cases. As for the most severe and moderate cases of the disease, the immunizer was 100% effective, according to the São Paulo government. The study data was reviewed by the Independent International Committee in Austria, responsible for monitoring the research from the beginning.

It is worth remembering that the tests carried out in the national territory had the participation of 13 thousand volunteers, from eight states, all professionals in the health area. Each of them received two doses of the vaccine, applied with an interval of 14 days.

In an interview with G1, microbiologist Natália Pasternak considered CoronaVac’s effectiveness rate to be “excellent”. She said that less efficacy was expected than that shown by Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, due to the technology of the production process, using inactivated viruses.

Emergency use request

With the effectiveness shown, those responsible for the Chinese immunizer can now request the product registration with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Previously, the regulator had said a 50% rate was required for approval of any vaccine.

The request for emergency use of CoronaVac in Brazil should be sent by the Butantan Institute to Anvisa today. The expectation is that a response will be given by the federal agency within 10 days.

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In case of release, the São Paulo government stated that it will start vaccination in the state next January 25th. The schedule foresees immunizing 9 million people in the first phase of the campaign, by the end of March.


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