CoronaVac is Approved by WHO for Emergency Use


CoronaVac: The World Health Organization (WHO) announced, on Tuesday (1), the approval for emergency use of CoronaVac. The vaccine against covid-19 produced by the pharmaceutical company Sinovac is one of the three immunizing agents currently in use in Brazil, where the Chinese company has the Butantan Institute as a partner.

The announcement came after experts inspected production sites, as well as evaluating quality, safety and effectiveness. “The world desperately needs several vaccines against covid-19 to deal with the huge inequality of access,” commented WHO Deputy Director General for Access to Health Products Mariângela Simão.

The analysis took into account the efficacy data of CoronaVac, which indicate the prevention of symptomatic cases of covid-19 in 51% of those immunized. The study also pointed out that the severe forms and hospitalizations associated with the new coronavirus were avoided in 100% of the volunteers.

Based on this evidence, the WHO recommended the use of Sinovac’s immunizing agent in adults aged 18 years and over, with the application of two doses at an interval of two to four weeks. The entity highlighted the ease of storage as an advantage for its use in places with few resources.

Other approved formulas

CoronaVac is the sixth vaccine approved by the WHO to date for use as an emergency in preventing disease caused by the new coronavirus. The other immunizers included in the list are those from Pfizer, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Johnson and Moderna.

With the approval of the Sinovac formula by the entity, Brazil may have more doses of CoronaVac through the Covax Facility. At the moment, the country receives the immunizations from Pfizer and AstraZeneca sent by the consortium, in addition to relying on local production.

More than 47 million doses of CoronaVac produced in Brazil have been delivered to the Ministry of Health so far, according to the Butantan Institute.