CoronaVac: first doses arrive in Brazil tomorrow


The first batch of the CoronaVac vaccine will arrive in Brazil later this week. The information was confirmed by the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), in an interview with the program Passando a Limpo, from Rádio Jornal de Pernambuco.

The doses of CoronaVac, which is originally produced by the Sinovac laboratory in China, arrive in São Paulo this Thursday (19). The batch of about 120 thousand vaccines will be ready for distribution, but it must be initially taken to the Butantan Institute, which will also start to produce the vaccine in Brazil from raw material coming from abroad.

According to Doria, Butantan is now awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health so that CoronaVac produced in Brazil can be used to immunize all Brazilians in covid-19. In addition to political negotiations and controversies regarding the stoppage ordered by Anvisa last week, because of the death of a volunteer unrelated to the study, the vaccine is currently in the testing phase and new results should be released within a few weeks.

To see the full interview, visit the Rádio Jornal website.

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