Coronavac: 97% effective vaccine against coronavirus


Coronavac is one of the most promising vaccines against coronavirus, proof of this is the study published by the scientific journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, which is said to show 97% efficiency in stimulating the production of antibodies against coronavirus in laboratory tests.

Coronavac is the last vaccine published in a journal with phase 1 and 2 tests. It is currently in its third testing phase, but the results of the first are already very encouraging. The first two phases involved 744 volunteers aged 18 to 59 in China between April and May 2020.

Tests in China reported that antibody production against COVID-19 was already considered good 14 days after the first dose, with a protection peak reached every 28 days, showing 97% efficiency in volunteers.

The study suggests that the vaccine not only managed to prevent the development of the disease in the body, but also to protect cells from infection by neutralizing antibodies, but T lymphocytes were not analyzed.

According to scientists, the best immune response was achieved with a 28-day interval between the two doses required to achieve maximum protection, but only a 14-day interval is also sufficient to provide adequate protection at a higher rate of immunizing the population.

Reported side effects were mild, most of them pain where the vaccine was given and reported by 35% of test participants, also Coronavac caused much less fever in test participants compared to other vaccines. Model developed in partnership with Russian Sputnik V or AstraZeneca in Oxford.

The final stage of the test for Coronavac should last about 6 months because the duration of protection is currently being evaluated, whether it can stimulate T lymphocytes to protect cells and specifically protect cells? or only effective against more severe forms of the coronavirus.

Until now, Coronavac has been shown to be safe and capable of reproducing immune responses in all age groups and providing enhanced protection for users aged 18 to 59.


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