Corona’s WebApp Shows ‘Mountain’ of Plastic Consumed in 1 Year


Corona: Taking advantage of World Oceans Day, which is celebrated on June 8, Corona launched a webapp called Plastic Reality to calculate and project the volume of plastic waste that contributes to the pollution of the seas.

Initially, the app asks the user to answer some questions related to their consumption habits and then uses virtual reality to illustrate in the surrounding environment the amount of plastic they consume within a year.

The platform uses the interactivity of virtual reality to impact and raise public awareness about the consumption of plastic, showing the mountain of garbage that would be formed in your living room, for example, if the material were not discarded.

“Viewing our year-long plastic consumption in our own living room is really revealing, so we hope it will inspire people to reduce its use and reassess its impact on the environment,” explains Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President of Marketing at Corona…

To check the amount of plastic you are consuming, simply visit the Plastic Reality website and select the location in Brazil to access the content in Portuguese.


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