Coronary virus transmitted for the first time in the USA


It was announced that the new type of coronavirus (2019nCoV) was transmitted from person to person for the first time in the USA.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that a woman from Wuhan, China, who came to Chicago, where she lives, also transmitted the virus to her husband.

With the last case, while the number of patients carrying coronavirus in the USA increased to 6, the authorities noted that 5 patients were infected with the virus from China, and the last patient was infected by his wife, who returned from China.

With the last case, the virus was transmitted from person to person in the USA for the first time.

It was stated that the woman, who infected her husband with the virus, traveled to Wuhan in December 2019 and returned to Chicago on 13 January.

The condition of the couple in their 60s who are being treated at the hospital is reported to be good for now.

The coronavirus is thought to spread from droplets mixed with cough and sneezing, similar to flu.

The virus has been found in the US, Arizona, Southern California and Washington so far, outside of Illinois.

Coronavirus outbreak

The Chinese National Health Commission recently announced that the loss of life due to the coronavirus epidemic was 170, and the number of those affected by the virus was 7 thousand 711. It was stated that the number of those who were taken under surveillance due to the virus increased to 81 thousand 947.

The new type of coronavirus was first detected on 12 December in the city of Vuhan in Hubey province. Vuhan Municipality Health Commission announced on December 31 that 27 more people who had contact with the Huanan Seafood Market in the city had seen the “mysterious” disease and closed the market.


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