Corona virus was discovered to progress 4 times slower in TB vaccine countries


Epidemiologists have discovered that coronavirus spreads 4 times faster in countries where tuberculosis is not common. Countries such as the USA, Italy and the Netherlands are at the top of these countries.

Treatment is being sought for the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), which has a huge impact and still has no cure worldwide. U.S. epidemiologists, who conducted a research according to the speed of virus spread in countries, have signed a study that can be considered important for coronavirus.

Scientists have found that there is a direct relationship between the mortality rate caused by coronavirus and the rate of use of tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) in countries. Epidemiologists, who discovered that the number of infected people is higher in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and the USA, where tuberculosis vaccine is not widely applied, explained that the tuberculosis vaccine significantly reduced the Covid-19 catch rate.

Stating that the BCG vaccine has been introduced in the USA, Italy, Iran, the Netherlands and many other European countries, BCG vaccine has either been introduced recently or in recent years, the number of cases and mortality rates in these countries is 4 times higher than the world average. Scientists added that they are sure that the BCG vaccine is effective against coronavirus.

What Does Tuberculosis Vaccine (BCG) Do?
BCG, a vaccine resistant to heat and light, prevents the spread of bacillus, the causative agent of TB disease. Thanks to this feature, it helps prevent diseases such as miliary tuberculosis, tuberculosis meningitis.

Does this vaccine is being done in Turkey?
Tuberculosis vaccine has been done in our country for a very long time. BCG vaccine is usually given 2 months after birth. This vaccine, which can be made only once to each person, is not recommended for people over 6 years old.

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