Corona virus treatment decision will give artificial intelligence


New steps are being taken every day as part of the fight against Corona virus. Regarding the need for respiratory equipment and intensive care during this process, a significant new development has been made. Accordingly, information about the use of artificial intelligence has emerged to make predictions based on the current situation of patients.

Artificial intelligence will predict the need for intensive care and respiratory equipment
New developments regarding Corona virus pandemic, which are continuing all over the world, continue to be experienced. The last example of this came from the University of Copenhagen. The new artificial intelligence developed by the researchers of the University of Copenhagen will make predictions about which patient will need respiratory equipment or intensive care in the future.

As it is known, the greatest need in the fight against Corona virus is manifested by respiratory equipment and intensive care units. Being able to predict which patients will have these needs will provide health professionals with a big plus. In addition, it is stated that it will have an important place in making preparations at the optimum level.

Artificial intelligence will be able to make these predictions according to the current situation of the patient, whose Corona virus test is positive. Currently there are various algorithms for which conditions the disease can continue to be more positive or more risky. However, many different unknown factors are also mentioned. As a matter of fact, this new artificial intelligence developed will be able to create a high accuracy process in making forward predictions with every new data created and added.

According to the patient’s retrospective health results, current health status, new test results, age and many other items, artificial intelligence will be able to estimate the respiratory device and intensive care needs that Corona virus risk will pose.

However, it is possible to say that it can actively contribute to estimation of statistics and simulation studies in general. Artificial intelligence, which will be used actively in the future, seems to continue to make positive contributions to healthcare professionals about Corona virus.

As a reminder, an artificial intelligence that was developed in China a while ago, was able to make predictions about Corona virus according to the results of the patients and give various recommendations to healthcare professionals. These and similar new developments seem to continue increasingly in this process.


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