Corona Virus-themed Non-Skippable YouTube Ad from McDonalds (Video)


There are some simple rules that we need to follow to combat the coronavirus that affects the whole world. McDonalds took one of these rules and made it a very meaningful advertising campaign.

The coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, which spread to 1,478,288 people worldwide and caused 86,744 people to die, brought life to a halt in many regions of the world.

People are trying to raise awareness so that the virus does not spread. It is said in many countries that people should not go out on the streets unless necessary. In addition, people need to follow social distance rules. For now, it is completely up to people and the public to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meaningful advertisement from McDonalds:

State officials in various parts of the world are doing various studies to raise awareness. As we said above, it is said not to leave the house unless it is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, to maintain the social distance and to wash the hands carefully with soap.

One of these awareness raising efforts came from McDonalds. McDonalds Russia and Leo Burnett came together to launch an extensive social campaign work on YouTube, prior to videos. Within the scope of the social campaign work carried out, a 20-second video was prepared. As many of us know, this is the time we need to wash our hands to prevent the spread of the virus and protect ourselves. We can prevent the spread of the virus by washing our hands with soap for 20 seconds.

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Another prominent feature of the ad is that it cannot be passed for 20 seconds. We can say that this is a very meaningful study. This commercial, which was shown before the videos, was broadcast for viewers in Russia and was watched more than 120 million times according to the agency’s information.


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