Corona Virus Seen First Time In A Dog


Dogs, who are our friends, are with us everywhere in our lives. It was discovered for the first time that Corona virus can also be transmitted to dogs with an incident in Hong Kong.

The new type of Corona virus (COVID-19), which first appeared in an animal market in Wuhan, China, has been infecting people for a long time. According to new information from Hong Kong, the corona virus was first encountered in a dog.

World Health Organization officials stated that corona virus control appeared as ‘weak positive’ after controls on a dog in Hong Kong. Vanessa Barry, a veterinary professor at the University of Sydney, said that dogs can also get the corona virus, so care should be taken.

“People should not panic,” said Barry, “Pets are not expected to contribute to the spread of COVID-19.” Despite this explanation, experts recommend that people with suspected COVID-19 should not be in close contact with pets.

WHO Started Taking COVID-19 More Seriously
The World Health Organization updated the virus threat to ‘highest’ in its latest statement. This shows that the virus, which has been transmitted to more than a dozen countries in just a few days, increases the rate of spread.

According to current data, the new type of corona virus, which is transmitted to 84 thousand 119 people, has resulted in the death of 2,871 people so far. COVID-19, which is now spreading enough fear on humans, can become uncontrollable if it starts to spread among animals.


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