Corona Virus Hurt More Than SARS


The Corona virus, which emerges in China, is progressing by increasing its effect day by day. The virus caused the death of many more people than the SARS virus, which was released between 2002 and 2003, causing 774 deaths.

The number of lives taken by the Corona virus emerging in China has exceeded the number of lives taken by the SARS virus from 2002 to 2003. According to official figures, 811 people died from the Corona virus, but there are also people who claim that this number is much higher.

According to the data of the China National Health Commission, the number of infections approved has reached 37 thousand 198. In the last 24 hours, 89 people were killed, mostly from Hubei, and 2,656 new cases emerged.

The SARS virus, which also emerged in China, caused 774 deaths worldwide. Corona virus has caused human death in only two countries except China so far: Hong Kong and the Philippines. Many doctors say that there are more people and cases of deaths from the Corona virus in China, and there is now a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the experimental facilities in hospitals and laboratories.

World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergency Program Manager Dr. Michael Ryan said it is too early to make a prediction right now, and the outbreak in Wuhan and Hubei is still very intense. WHO General Manager Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on the other hand, stated that the rate of spread of the epidemic is slowing now, but it may increase again.

The fight against the virus leaves the Chinese administration in trouble
Corona virus outbreak is not only a health problem but also a political problem for Xi Jinping, who is now the leader of China. It is stated that the struggle with the virus, Xi Jinping, who established an authoritarian administration around him, was welcomed at the public base.

Rong Jian, who wrote policy articles in Beijing, said that the fight against the Corona virus was as big as the second 1989 Tiananmen Challenge Events, and that the events that took place damaged the legitimacy and dignity of Xi Jinping.

The Chinese government has voiced a new name for the disease caused by the Corona virus. The new name of the disease, announced through local governments and state media, is “New Coronavirus Pneumonia”. The International Virus Taxonomy Committee will give the official nomenclature to the disease.

WHO states that city and region names, human names, cultural references, and expressions that will cause people to fear should be avoided when naming such diseases. Commenting on this matter, WHO epidemologue Maria Van Kerkhove said that it is important to find a temporary name without the name of any location. As it is known, although Corona virus is used more widely, it is also expressed as Wuhan virus.


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