Corona virus continues to spread: the number of cases has exceeded 500 thousand


The coronavirus, which emerged in China and affected the world in a short time, has been detected in a total of 500,000 people to date. The virus has killed 23,067 people, according to data confirmed so far.

The coronavirus, which started to spread in China as a mysterious disease towards the end of December 2019, was seen all over the country in a short time. Life in China stopped because of the virus, many cities were quarantined, and all activities in the country were canceled.

Although China started to heal its wounds today, the virus was seen in many countries of the world in January. The virus, which spread more and more every day, spread to all continents in a short time and turned into a pandemic. While the whole world collapsed due to the virus, the figures announced today did not indicate any good.

It infected 500,000 people in total:
The coronavirus, which is seen in 175 countries today, has been transmitted to a total of 511,603 people, according to the data announced by the countries so far. Of the 511,603 people with coronavirus, 120.996 recovered, while 23.067 died. The virus caused a total of 13,000 deaths in data released four days ago. In other words, there was an increase of 10,000 in the number of dead in four days.

According to the announced data, the highest number of cases where coronavirus was detected was in China, while Italy followed China with a slight margin. The rest of the list included the United States with 76,514 cases, Spain with 56,197 cases, Germany with 43,646 cases, Iran with 29,406 cases, and France with 25,624 cases.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus spread all over the world has entered our country in the past weeks. After the first case announced on March 11, the coronavirus followed the increase graph seen all over the world in our country. According to the data shared this evening, the number of cases in our country was 3.629 while the number of people who died due to coronavirus was 75.

The coronavirus epidemic, which many officials describe as one of the scariest things ever seen, continues to spread exponentially day by day. While the number of cases continues to increase, it is stated that a possible vaccine will be released within 18 months.


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