Corona Virus Continues to Spread: First Case in Argentina Appears


Although the infectious rate is very high, the Corona virus, which does not have a high mortality rate, continues to spread rapidly. One of the last points the virus suffered was Argentina, from South American countries.

Corona virus, which emerged in China and affected 92,823 people according to official figures, caused 3,164 people to die. Many of the cases and deaths occurred in China, which we can call the epicenter of the virus.

The highly contagious virus, although it appeared in China, spread quickly to other countries. Currently, the number of countries with Corona virus cases is over 70. Argentina was the last country to see the virus.

Corona virus also appeared in Argentina:
According to the news given as ‘last minute information’ on the Twitter page named The Spectator Index, the virus has also reached Argentina, which has a population of approximately 45 million. While there are 2 cases in neighboring Argentina, Brazil, there are no cases of Corona virus in other neighboring countries.

According to the official figures announced, 2,945 of 3,164 deaths in cases occurred in China. The countries following China in the number of cases were South Korea with 5,186 cases, Italy with 2,502 cases and Iran with 2,336 cases. Looking at the number of deaths, there were 79 deaths in Italy, 77 deaths in Iran and 34 deaths in South Korea. Apart from these countries, there is no other country whose number of deaths exceeds double digits.

Apart from Iran, 7 cases in Greece, 32 in Iraq, 1 in Armenia, 3 in Georgia and Azerbaijan were identified, among the neighbors of our country. So far, there have been no fatal cases in these countries.


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