Corona Virus Alert to 5,000 Employees from Twitter: Work at Home


Social media giant Twitter continues to take firm steps due to the corona virus. The company encourages around 5,000 employees to work from home. The increase in corona virus cases in the USA is the biggest reason for this.

The concern of the Corona virus epidemic continues to restrict the activities of technology companies. Social media giant Twitter has called for more than 4,800 employees from home to work because of the Corona virus.

Companies in Silicon Valley have been trying to keep the Corona virus away for a long time. Finally, two employees of Amazon in Italy are quarantined due to the Corona virus, and Facebook recommends it to work from home. However, this move of Twitter was one of the hardest steps ever taken by a technology company in the face of the epidemic.

“From today, we encourage our employees around the world to work from home as much as possible. Our goal is to reduce the chances of the COVID-19 Corona virus spreading in and around us. We work with a lot of attention and utmost devotion to keep Twitter healthy,” the company wrote in a blog post. shared his statements.

Twitter also wants its employees in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea to work strictly from home due to partial government restrictions. The company said the US offices will be open to employees who need to come. Twitter stated that their decisions were a big change for them and that they were moving towards a remotely managed workforce.

Twitter previously announced that the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, was canceled at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, and banned non-essential business travel.


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