How Corona Virus Affects Human Body Explained


It has been explained how the Corona virus, which has erupted in Wuhan, China and has killed 213 people so far, has affected the human body. The results came from studies on the first 99 patients treated.

The Corona virus, which emerged in Wuhan, China, has manifested itself in four continents of the world to date. According to the number of confirmed cases, the Corona virus, which is transmitted only to 9,658 people in China, was seen in 9,766 people worldwide and killed 213 people.

Corona virus had similar symptoms compared to previous virus types, but to date there was no clear information about the effect this virus has had on the human body. A detailed study of the first 99 patients treated in China revealed the effects of Corona virus on the body.

Pneumonia was observed in all 99 patients examined:
Pneumonia (pneumonia) was observed in all 99 patients who were examined in detail at the Jinyintan Hospital. It was observed that inflammation occurred in the lungs of all patients and small pouches filled with water, in which oxygen passed from air to blood. Of the patients, 82 complained of high fever, 81 suffered from persistent cough, 31 suffered from shortness of breath, 11 suffered from muscular pain, 8 suffered from headache, and 5 suffered from sore throat.

The first two patients who died due to the Corona virus did not show any negative symptoms despite smoking for a long time and their lungs were weakened. The first patient who died was a 61-year-old male. When the patient was brought to the hospital, he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The 61-year-old patient had acute respiratory distress. The patient’s lungs could not provide enough oxygen to keep his body alive. The lungs of the patient, who was connected to the breathing apparatus, completely went bankrupt, and then his heart stopped. The second patient was 69 years old, and he also had acute respiratory distress.

Patients had a close relationship with the livestock market:
The Corona virus, which erupts in Wuhan, China, is predicted to spread from live animals sold in the city’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. The connection between this market and those who are sick also increases the probability that this prediction is true.

It was learned that 49 out of 99 patients suffering from Corona virus have a direct connection with the market. It was determined that 47 of these patients were shopkeepers or clerks, and two of them were shopping from the market. In the light of these data, it can be said that the virus has come out of the livestock market.

Most of the 99 patients we mentioned are in the middle age group. The average age of 67 male patients among the 99 patients is 56. When the first 99 patients are examined, it can be said that the virus is less common in women, but according to the statement made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China, the incidence of the virus in women is also close to men.

Corona virus was more common in men:
Two possible causes are shown as the cause of disproportion between men and women: Either men suffered more severe illness than women and therefore had to be treated at the hospital, or when the outbreak began, men were more likely to get infected for social and cultural reasons. A statement came from Doctor Li Zhang from the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. Zhang made the following statement:

“The lower sensitivity of women to viral infections may be due to the X chromosome and sex-specific hormones, which play an important role in immunity. This plays an important role in making women’s immune systems stronger. ”

Many of the 99 patients, mostly in the middle age, had other diseases that developed as a result of ‘weak immunity’ and could make their bodies vulnerable to the virus. It was found that 40 of the patients had problems in their hearts or blood vessels. It was announced that 12 people had diabetes.


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