How Corona Virus Affects Cells Detected


Scientists who continue their studies in universities in China and the USA have found out how the Corona virus attaches to and infects the cells. This discovery is critical to the future of the Corona virus.

The Corona virus epidemic, which has caused 7,677 deaths from the first day of its appearance, has become one of the major global outbreaks in human history. While the politicians try to ensure the security of the countries they work in, scientists continue to work on the Corona virus. Now, scientists have managed to unravel an important mystery about the Corona virus.

Corona virus causes shortness of breath to people’s lungs. Scientists from Westlake University in China and Austin Texas University in the USA, who are working on this issue, have determined how the Corona virus sticks to the lungs and how it makes it difficult to breathe. This development seems to speed up the Corona virus vaccination studies as well as improving the treatment process for existing patients.

All viruses that have been discovered to date have turned to cells after entering the bodies of humans. The virus, which first settles in a cell, begins to multiply using these cell organelles and then affects the surrounding cells. It was discovered that the corona virus adheres to the cells with the spike proteins it possesses. So what happened next? Scientists now know very well how the Corona virus infects cells.

Chinese scientists have used frozen virus samples to clearly view and study the Corona virus. By examining the samples in question on a cryo-electron microscope, scientists have managed to discover the amino acids that enable the Corona virus to bind to the lungs by detecting what differences are between COVID-19 and SARS.

Scientists state that their discovery is very important for the Corona virus. The reason for this is that the new findings will enable the development of antiviral drugs that can stop the Corona virus. However, for now, studies need to continue and a drug that will stop these spike proteins needs to be discovered.

There are still many unknowns about the corona virus, and it is unknown when these unknowns will be enlightened. While scientists continue their work on the subject, the Corona virus continues to die. The virus, which is now being seen in our country, is hopefully taken under control as soon as possible, and people remember these days as just a bad memory.


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