Corona infected quiz, arrived to snapchat!


The Corona virus epidemic is surrounding the world day by day, and technology companies continue to look for ways to bring accurate information to their users. As a young generation oriented app, Snapchat offers its users a new game with AR (Augmented Reality) support. The popular app is based on a different approach to promote reliable facts about the Corona virus.

Snapchat continues to publish new developments on its platform to combat false information with an interactive AR game and a new information center during the Corona virus outbreak. Of course, the most accurate information confirmed about the Corona virus is available on the World Health Organization’s website (WHO). However, Snapchat’s interesting new trivia game provides users with information on the subject while entertaining users. The game is offered in a similar way to most of Snapchat’s features.

AR game on Corona virus
First of all, an exam is opened at the bottom of the screen with many questions surrounding the virus and its effects. When you start playing the game, you get questions about the Corona virus, which you can answer with right or wrong choices. Then you can check whether the answer to the question is correct or wrong. Given the current situation, education expert Kelly Mendoza said that young people learn a lot from games, and it is quite logical to draw attention to the situation by knowing this opportunity.

Snapchat continues to inform about Corona virus
Snapchat also introduced the new Coronavirus: The Latest tab, a new information center on the Discovery tab. Here users can read current news and information about the pandemic. In addition, the ‘Here For You’ tab, released last month, compiles the resources and information of experts in different areas during these pandemic days. Users; They can research on issues such as anxiety and disease, mental health, and bullying.


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