Corona Beer USA, criticized for ad appearing to refer to coronavirus


Corona USA, which distributes the famous Mexican beer Corona in the United States, came under fire from critics for an advertisement that seemed to associate the name of the drink with that of the coronavirus.

In this short video, posted on Twitter on Monday and viewed more than 7 million times, Corona USA promotes new cans of alcoholic and scented sparkling water, which it will soon market on the American market.

While fears of a large-scale spread of the viral pneumonia epidemic have increased in recent days, a message warns of the “imminent landing” of this product.

On Twitter, many Internet users reacted to denounce an advertisement of “very bad taste”.

“I am now certain that I will never buy any more,” commented a user of the social network, particularly upset.

Constellation Brands, the parent company of Corona USA, did not immediately respond to AFP requests.

A 5W Public Relations study released on Thursday to 737 American beer enthusiasts shows that 38% of them have no plans to buy Corona under current circumstances. 14% said they would not dare to order the drink in public and 16% said they did not know if Corona was linked to the coronavirus or not.

According to another YouGov poll released Wednesday, the popularity of Corona beer in the United States has plummeted since the first case of coronavirus was identified in late December. Purchase intentions are at their lowest in two years.

Constellation Brands has repeatedly reminded since the start of the coronavirus epidemic that there is no connection between the beer it sells and the virus, except for a similar name.