Core: Have A Terrifyingly Fun Halloween With Its 10 Best Free Games


Core continues to receive countless creations from its community, authentic games in themselves that their managers have selected for the occasion. Core, the popular creative title with which to create all kinds of video games, continues to surprise with authentic games created by the community thanks to the many tools that the title offers. So much so, that its managers, Manticore Games, have made a selection of 10 titles created by the community with horror themes to play this Halloween, a series of content that is already available for free for download in Core.

The community’s best creations for Halloween

Thus, and through the following games created by the community, Core players can now enjoy all kinds of themes related to terror, from hungry zombies to ghostly houses, through multiplayer proposals, skeletons with very bad fleas and even a recreation of the first game in the popular Squid Game series.

Don’t miss out on the following Core content for Halloween, now available for free:

Trick or Treat Town | Collect candy, buy a house, and decorate it to delight (or horrify) your trick-or-treating friends!
Squid Fish Core | Enjoy the experience of being inside the most popular television program of the moment playing this game designed by the well-known developer Core DeepHorizons.
Hellbreach | A first-person shooter RPG set in a horror-themed post-apocalyptic Earth where the forces of hell have invaded and are waging war against the armies of heaven.
Floor is Lava – Halloween | Enjoy the classic Floor is Lava meme game with a Halloween themed twist.
Castle of the Dead: Midhelm | As a prisoner in the castle, it’s up to you to protect it, head quickly to the Armory for a weapon, the dead are fast approaching.
Spider Bite | Escape from the giant spider and don’t let it catch you! If you are the giant spider: Hunt the other players!
Halloween ’78 | Visit Haddonfield 1978, where everyone has gone crazy. Jump to the Deathmatch; with candy, masks, weapons, scary jumps and a huge map to explore with many hidden secrets.
Rend: Prologue | A horror mystery set in a house full of hidden history. Look for notes and delve into the mystery of this house.
Overrun | This is a wave-based game created for 1 to 4 players. A certain amount of zombies will spawn will appear in each wave, becoming more difficult to kill as the rounds progress.
Night of the Undead | Located in an abandoned airfield where you must defend yourself from the undead. Play alone or in a group of four. Have fun and good luck! You will need it.


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