Coralie Porrovecchio pregnant and affected by Coronavirus? She sows doubt


Is Coralie Porrovecchio infected with Coronavirus? The future mother reveals a message that sows doubt …

Coralie Porrovecchio is pregnant with her first child, and she revealed the date of her future birth right here! The candidate who was revealed in Secret Story on TF1 announced her pregnancy very late on social networks, leaving a real aura of mystery around this new stage in her life … The young woman is keeping sex for the moment and the name of her future secret baby, but we already know that delivery should take place in May if the pregnancy estimates made are the right ones. On her Instagram account, Coralie Porrovecchio also seems worried at the idea of ​​being able to catch the Coronavirus and transmit it to her child while pregnant … Does she have any symptoms? The writing of melty lets you discover below the Instagram story which suggests that Coralie Porrovecchio could also have caught the virus, or at least worried about the idea of ​​having it …

On her question and answer session launched on Instagram, Coralie Porrovecchio asks if there are people in her community who are infected with Covid-19, what are their symptoms and if they have found a cure. If the candidate had multiple responses, the ones that caught her attention the most were those concerning pregnant women, which she relayed several times … She adds: “I heard that the virus did not pass the placenta barrier … I don’t know if it’s true or not. ” We still hope that neither she nor the father of her child, the footballer Boubacar Kamara will not be infected! The couple revealed that they were in confinement for the past three days. While waiting to find out more, here is the incredible photo of Coralie Porrovecchio’s baby bump, who is only a few weeks away from giving birth!

To follow all the information related to the Coronavirus and its evolution, go to the official government website right here.


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