How to copy and paste on WhatsApp from Android and iPhone (iOS)


Copying and pasting messages on WhatsApp can be a bit complicated, since the option to “copy” is hidden in the application options menu for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The action selects all the text contained in a message to save it in the clipboard of the smartphone and, later, to pass it on to another application with the option to edit text.

It is also possible to copy and paste the message into WhatsApp itself to send it in another conversation. The messenger does not inform that the text has been copied, nor does he inform that the message is a replica. Check out the following tutorial on how to copy and paste on WhatsApp from your Android phone and iPhone.

How to copy and paste on WhatsApp on Android
Step 1. Press the message you want to copy. A top options bar should appear in a few seconds. Then, tap on the two square icon;

Step 2. An alert will be displayed in the center of the screen notifying you that the text has been copied on WhatsApp. If you want to paste the message in the application, just press on the text bar and select the option “paste”;

Step 3. To send a copied message on WhatsApp, tap on the send signal.

How to copy and paste on WhatsApp from iPhone (iOS)
Step 1. To copy on WhatsApp for iPhone, press a message until the menu appears on the screen. Select the “copy” option;

Step 2. To paste the text in WhatsApp, press the message bar until the option “Paste” appears. Then, just send the copied message.


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