Copterpack, The Flying Backpack: A Helicopter On Your Back


It is clear that the sky is the limit for many trucking companies. We already know that electric cars will circulate on the road together with those of fossil fuel and that they will soon prevail in the environment. But when it comes to moving, scooters may not be as efficient as a flying backpack as we see with Copterpack.

A backpack with propellers, this is Copterpack

The ability to move around your city with ease is something that is greatly appreciated. Having a lane for buses and motorcycles, having a bike lane or facilitating this type of transport always helps, but everything ends up evolving. The latest advances are scooters or even some small electric cars that already operate in many cities, but it is a matter of time before these take off sooner or later. At the moment there are few proposals for one-person transport with the possibility of flying, but we already see some.

One of the first made many think of the world of comics as was the case with the Jet Suit from English Ironman, which many compared with the suit of the famous fictional character. But the option of a propellant cannon in the arms may not be a very safe option for some and from here other simpler options arise such as the Copterpack.

This idea born in Australia proposes the use of a system of two giant rotors that are capable of lifting a person in the air to a height of 90 cm. It will depend on the height and weight of the person, but for now, tests show that it is a simple to use and very reliable system. This is very important, since as you can see in the video, the system lifts the pilot and he can rotate with precision and smoothness.

The problem: autonomy

We are seeing more and more projects that help people to move freely by means other than land. Copterpack is a clear example, but it has a problem that all devices that have a battery have. And this is indeed the batteries. Its lithium batteries help it to be carried lightly on the back, but its capabilities are certainly questionable when it comes to flight time. We already know that a drone can barely fly a few minutes in the air, so it is worth considering whether it is for short-distance transport or needs a little more autonomy.


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