Copel wants to build solar plants in areas of wind farms


On Wednesday (24), Cássio Santana da Silva, director of business development for Copel, a state-owned energy company, declared that the company wants to advance in solar generation by installing photovoltaic plants in areas already occupied by wind farms. According to the executive, the project aims to make mixed construction possible – and he defines the action as a priority for the company.

The novelty is in line with other actions for generating renewable resources at Copel. On March 1, the first three units of the Bandeirantes Solar Photovoltaic Plant, built in the North of Paraná, started operating, while the promise is that another three will start operating this year, totaling 5.36 MWp of installed power, enough to meet the consumption of about 10 thousand people.

“Copel has a timid participation in solar, this year we inaugurated a 5 megawatt project. And we really want, after starting to operate and test an asset, to take bigger steps”, said Cássio.

In addition, evaluations of opportunities to acquire assets are currently underway, mainly in Rio Grande do Norte or Paraná, with priority for operational generation projects or which already have contracts for the sale of future production, such as solar parks with a capacity greater than 100 megawatts and wind farms above 150 megawatts.

The expectation is that they generate annual revenues of R $ 100 million.

Energy of the future

For the time being, implementations of mixed structures need regulation, something discussed by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). According to the entity, the definition of rules should encourage such constructions and allow the optimization of the use of transmission systems.

In any case, Copel actively participates in auctions, and the director argues that, in Paraná, the “very strong synergy” between the projects and the company’s performance would increase the company’s competitiveness in disputes.

As for the recent inaugurations, Daniel Pimentel Slaviero, president of the state-owned company, celebrates: “With this project, Copel takes another firm step towards the energy of the future: with a renewable source, in the model of distributed generation, making life easier for consumers. The plant represents yet another important investment in the interior of Paraná, contributing with infrastructure for the development of the state. “


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